E-TAE Natural Hair Straightener

E’TAE Natural Hair Products is a natural hair care line, that’s made with over 20 high grade natural ingredients. The line was formulated for the sole purpose of beautifying and promoting healthier, stronger,¬†more manageable hair. Every natural ingredient serves a significant purpose that makes a difference in all hair types and textures. Start using E’TAE today and you’ll begin to notice a significant improvement in your hair’s texture, condition and overall appearance!¬† The more you use this product, the stronger and healthier your hair gets! (Info Source:http://etaeproducts.com)
“The CARMEL” a Deep Penetrating Treatment made with real bananas and honey will restore life back into all types of hair. Its high concentration of vitamins, minerals and potassium has the ability to provide the nourishment needed for both the hair and scalp. Its strengthening and moisturizing qualities will deeply soften the hair while improving the texture and manageability to create body and a natural shine.
Made with milk and egg protein, flaxseed oil, and ginger root CARMELUX-Shampoo provides nourishment, healing and moisture to the scalp and hair strands while cleansing. Rich and lightweight in texture, it will naturally silken and soften the hair instantly creating body, volume, and a long lasting shine.
Enriched with lavendar, bergamot, and silk proteins CARMELUX-Conditioner protects wet hair strands providing the flexibility needed keep hair tangle free. It will lock in moisture to maintain softness and shine, while maximizing its ability to boost body and volume.
Infused with rosemary, basil, and sage, Nutrient will restore the hair’s ph balance and remove buildup while leaving the hair vibrant and silky. Its anti-bacterial properties will control dandruff and itchiness within the scalp, leaving a refreshed feeling and cleaner pores for healthier growing hair.
Made with the healing moisturizers of Shea butter, clarysage and bergamot; Buttershine will soften and smooth the hair strands while adding extraordinary moisture and shine. Its ability to absorb directly into the scalp will help prevent dryness and flaking which will aid in promoting a healthy scalp.


Naturally lightweight in texture, CARMELUX-Hair Gloss absorbs deeply to soften, moisturize, and preserve the scalp and hair strands. Infused with ingredients such as rosemary and clary sage, it dissolves lightly to provide a silky, long lasting, and incredible shine.

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