Get The Facts: Don’t Be A Victim Of “Throw Away Hair”

As a Professional Multi-Cultural Natural Hair Stylist and consumer of hair weaves and extensions, I’ve been burned time and time again when it comes to the quality of the hair I have purchased in the past. I started to think that finding great quality hair was going to be almost impossible until I discovered Wear Picture Perfect Virgin Hair.

So you may be saying to yourself…what is “Throw Away Hair”?..

My definition of “Throw Away Hair” is hair that is of poor quality, that can’t be washed and after wearing the hair for a short time, the hair needs replaced due to tangling, matting and excessive shedding, essentially causing you hundreds and thousands of dollars.











Your local beauty supply store is NOTORIOUS for selling “Throw Away Hair”.  The hair consumers purchase from these establishments is of poor quality, yet consumers continue waste their money here. See when you purchase crappy beauty supply store hair your doing yourself an injustice. The hair purchased at these establishments can be animal hair, have a silicone coating that wears off or washes off, no warranty and in some cases the hair causes you to lose your hair due to harmful chemicals.


It’s time to take your buying power back when it comes to hair WEAVES and EXTENSIONS! It’s time you purchased great quality hair that doesn’t EXCESSIVELY SHED or MAT! It’s time to get EDUCATED about HAIR and the HAIR INDUSTRY!

To discover how you can put money back in your pocket, and purchase great quality hair that can be washed over and over and, that comes with a guarantee to lasts 1yr or more and is worry-free visit


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