Services & Prices

The following are the services offered by Picture Perfect Hair along with prices.  Please keep in mind that prices are subject to change without notice.   All services include wash and deep condition, unless otherwise indicated or other arrangements are established during consultation.

Picture Perfect Weave/Extension Services

100% Virgin Human Hair Available – Click here to see and purchase the hair I use and recommend
*See Q&A for technique descriptions

  • Picture Perfect Microlace Extension Technique – $180
  • Picture Perfect Braidless Sew-In – $175-325
  • Picture Perfect Hair Extension – $175
  • Picture Perfect Fabulous Hair Illusions  – $175
  • Picture Perfect Dream Hair- $200
  • Picture Perfect Intertwist – $400
  • Picture Perfect Intra-Blend – $300
  • Picture Perfect Quick Weave – $125
  • Picture Perfect Crochet Weave- $120
  • Picture Perfect Traditional Weave – $150
  • Picture Perfect  Fusion Hair Extension – Full Head: $600 (length 280 I-Tips)
  • Picture Perfect Fusion Hair Extensions – Half Head: $300 (length and volume 560 I-Tips)
  • Picture Perfect Net Weave – $200
  • Picture Perfect Custom Wigs-$40 & up (synthetic, crochet, human & virgin)
    • Removal of Picture Perfect Fusion, Weave and Extensions – $20-$275
    • Tightening of Picture Perfect Weave/Extensions & Fusion Maintenance – $25-$275
    • Picture Perfect Full Lace & Frontal Lace Wig Installation/Removal – $25-$75

Picture Perfect Non-Extension Services

*All prices are starting prices and may vary due to hair texture & length

  • Picture Perfect Blow-Out (Dominican Style) – $35
  • Picture Perfect Silk Press- $50 (price may vary due to length)
  • Picture Perfect- Diva Smooth Treatment – $80…. call for details
  • Picture Perfect- NATRA-LAXA kHem-pHree Organic Hair Straightening System No More Harsh Chemical, No More Burns, No More Irritation, No More Breakage, No More Over Processing, No More Hair Loss, No More Frizzing- $120 & up (price may vary due to texture)
  • Picture Perfect E’TAE Hair Straightening- $50 (price may vary due to length)
  • Picture Perfect Natural Hair Styling – $50-$80… call for details
  • Picture Perfect Press & Curl -$50… call for details

Other Picture Perfect Services

  • PPH Hair Growth Treatment – $15
  • Natural Hair Color- No Peroxide No Ammonia – $20 (price may vary due to length)

Please Keep the Following in Mind:

Consultation needed for all styles….call for appt. – 301-806-9528

Please be considerate of my time – if you need to cancel or reschedule, please give 24 hours notice!

Deposit of $50 is due once you decided to make an appointment. That deposit will be deducted from the cost of the service. If you need to cancel your appointment and reschedule the $50 deposit will remain valid for 30 days. After 30 days you forfeit your original deposit and another $50 deposit is required. If you need to purchase hair, the cost of the hair plus the $50 deposit is required.

Deposit of $100 is due once you make an appointment for Picture Perfect Fusion Extensions. That deposit will be deducted from the cost of the service.

Deposits are NON-refundable

Picture Perfect Hair by Maiysha Johnson accepts the following forms of payments:  Cash, business check, money orders, VISA/MASTER CARD accepted thru on-site PayPal card reader

 All services include wash and deep condition, unless otherwise indicated.

4 thoughts on “Services & Prices

  1. Olivia Ford says:

    Hi Maiysha,
    My name is Olivia,I just recently moved to the states…I live in Ohio.I have been selling virgin Indian Rey hair for about a year in Dubai and I have my supplier in India.i would love to continue my business here in the United States.
    I am still not sure how to go about getting clientele to set up.I found your site and was wondering if I could get help from your company.

  2. Marie says:


    I was curious to know which technique (of your many weaving options) do you recommend to clients with weak/minimal edges. I have natural hair now and have been doing protective styles but may want to try a weave soon, thanks!

    • maiyshajohnson says:

      Hi Marie,

      I would suggest a braidless sew-in (which can be done many ways) where conrows are not used as a base. Be sure that you consults with the stylist who is going to be doing your sew-in as well prior to service. If your hair is weak I wouldn’t suggest cornrows as a base. Hope this info helps.

      Best Regards,
      Maiysha Johnson

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